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Robert Anderson
01 February 2020 @ 01:52 am
"Hi, you've reached Robert's cellphone. Sorry I'm not here right now; leave your name, your number, and your message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!"

(ooc: Robert and the mun can both be reached here!)
Robert Anderson
25 March 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Full Name: Robert Thomas Anderson
Nicknames: Bob (by Dick), Robbie/Uncle Robbie (by Lori and Jane)
Gender: Male
Age: 29 ("canon" set in 2009)
Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning towards women
Birthday: November 3rd, 1980
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: N/A
Languages: English, very rusty high school Spanish
Blood Type: AB+
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Distinguishing marks/ Scars / Tattoos: Two small scars--one on his left shoulder and one on his right foot (from when he stepped on a nail as a child).

Parents / Guardians:
Antony Anderson - The descendant of a long line of Irish-Americans from New York. His family is reasonably wealthy and reasonably large. In his younger years, he was a successful engineer, but he's now retired. While he was often busy, he was still around to support his children. Prone to eye-rollingly bad puns. 

Beatrice Lieberg Anderson - Beatrice was the only daughter of Norwegian immigrants, born in New York. Her parents passed away when she was very young, and she was taken in by a loving pair of adoptive parents. She met Antony when he spilled coffee on her dress at a cafe one day. Bea has faced many trials in her life; she's remained tough without losing tenderness and has passed on this strength to her children. Though she worked as a secretary for many years, she's now retired.

Lorraine Anderson - Formerly Lorraine Jackson; she took her maiden name back when she divorced her husband David. Lori is calm, pleasant, and motherly--it's difficult for her to get angry at anyone. She's six years older than Robert, but they've always gotten along well. Her daughter, Jane, is eight; Robert and Lori both love her dearly.

Beliefs / Religion:
Robert is a Christmas-and-Easter Catholic. While both his parents were religious and he does believe in God and the afterlife, he's mostly just apathetic to it all and doesn't think much about spiritual matters.

Career / Past careers: crazy frat party attendee student, paper boy, university newspaper staff, waiter, various non-profit organizations, freelance writer; currently, he's an office worker for the National Superhero Registry.

Robert is, well, a very average, very ordinary guy. He minds his own business and does what he can to get by, helping others and giving them advice when he's able.

...On the outside, that is.

Behind this plain and boring facade is a person of incredible drive and determination. His ambition comes very close to being what defines him. He's been slowly clawing his way up through the ranks of the office world to get to the top. What the top IS doesn't matter much to Robert anymore--he just wants to be number one. He's more cunning than people give him credit for, and he has a certain knack for knowing which buttons to press and which strings to pull to get what he wants.  While he sometimes seems apathetic to things that aren't of his immediate concern, if something is important to him, you can bet that he'll fight for it. Robert's also got a sarcastic streak that comes out whenever he gets annoyed. (And he's very easy to irritate.) 

Robert is a master of words and appearances, written and spoken. 

As for relating to others, he is genuinely good-hearted--when it doesn't interfere with his ambition, that is--and will try to be courteous to everyone, but Robert has a tendency to hold grudges. He's a man of strong opinions. If you get on his bad side, he'll still try to be polite to you...but it doesn't mean he has to like you. More capable of coldness than he looks, this one.




Robert Anderson
10 March 2010 @ 01:00 am

NES games...I miss the 80's."
-"Batmobile just got a
parking ticket."
-"Interesting fact: begging bosses really
-"Supervillains weren't in the job description."
-"No, go ahead. Sleep in class."
-"The air is beginning to warm."
-"[has drunk friend slung over shoulder]"
-"Roomie showed me this video. ...What?"
-"[unassuming bottle sitting on a table]"
-"[removes his glasses] I'm not lonely."
"No students for a week? Heaven."
"I can control my mun now." (BOB, YOU BASTARD)
"Seriously considering cutting my hair short."
"What little things make you smile?"



-But Robert, dear, you'll be ~*~
beautiful~*~!! (New PB)
-Bob calls out a
pedo like a BOSS
-Oh, look, it's the guy that looks like
Dorian Gray again.
-In which Robert and Fish discuss being 3D and having
-Mun is amused by L'Arachel, Bob is not
-Robert deals with a
Very Angry Man
-Damn it,
-Oh God I miss
English class
-The best thread in the history of the universe--no,
-In which a Miss Eliza Wall
suffers dearly

Robert Anderson
08 March 2010 @ 02:30 pm
 (Consrtuctive criticism on how I play this guy, please?! Just because he's an OC doesn't mean I'm exempt from being OOC or just "doin' it wrong" in general!

Comments are screened!)
Robert Anderson
02 February 2010 @ 04:36 am
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He rises from his chair, every bit of him moving with a purpose; he knows just where every muscle needs to end up to get where he needs to be.

02. Cool.
Ninja turtles were his idea of cool back in the day.

03. Young.
"29 is still plenty young--it's at least better than being 30..."

04. Last.
Wordlessly, he slid back into the clothes he'd thrown onto the floor so haphazardly the night before; they both knew that this wouldn't be the last time.

05. Wrong.
Robert hates admitting when he's wrong--the man's stubborn like that.

06. Gentle.
As he stared down at his newborn niece with all the love he could muster, Robert finally realized that he had been crying for the last five minutes.

07. One.
"Just once...and then I never saw her again."

08. Thousand.
"One thousand dead"--it's all just a statistic to him, no matter how many times he tells himself to care.

09. King.
Every report copied and grande mocha-latte delivered is another inch closer to the top.

10. Learn.
"Kiddo," he chuckles, ruffling Jane's hair, "I'm a lot cooler than I look."

11. Blur.

Smudged glasses--what a pain, he thinks, removing them to polish the lenses.

12. Wait.

Impatient, he leans back against the wall and breathes out; it shouldn't take this long for Dick to get here...

13. Change.

Robert hasn't got anything for the panhandler this time: he stopped carrying spare change in his pockets years ago.

14. Command.

"Get on your knees."

15. Hold.

The pillow smelled like him; it only made him grip it tighter.

16. Need.

The difference between "want" and "need" was never all that clear to him--really, couldn't he just say that this longing was a little bit of both and be done with it?

17. Vision.

The world blurs to a muddy, hazy mess of color and white noise as the drug holds him fast in its grasp.

18. Attention.

"Don't think I didn't see that grin on your face--I'm way more attentive than you give me credit for."

19. Soul.

"I don't believe in ghosts," he says, though his teeth chatter and his eyes dart left and right in clear paranoia.

20. Picture.

No matter how many times he tells his mother to put them away, the photo albums (and the embarrassing 5th grade class picture) never fail to come out on holidays. 

21. Fool.

Robert takes a swig of his beer and stares out the window, expression distant--"There's a difference between ignorance and foolishness...trust me, I know firsthand." 

22. Mad.

Unfortunately, while swearing like a sailor and throwing his headset to the floor, he doesn't have the sense to realize that kicking the leg of the table in righteous fury hurts.

23. Child.

"Don't say that just to flatter me, I'd be the worst parent ever."

24. Now.

He says that he lives in the present because he wants to move forward; he won't admit to himself that it's also because he can't bear to look at what he once was.

25. Shadow.

26. Goodbye.

27. Hide.

28. Fortune.

29. Safe.

30. Ghost.

31. Book.

32. Eye.

33. Never.

34. Sing.
All three of them are completely tone-deaf, but their collective squawking is the funniest thing he's heard in years.

35. Sudden

36. Stop.

37. Time.
They're faint, but they're still wrinkles--and they're still there.

38. Wash.
"Trust me, I know how to get rid of all sorts of weird stains."

39. Torn.
There's a tear in his shirt and a button missing from his pants; in the heat of this particular moment, though, he doesn't give a damn about the clothes, scattered about the bedroom floor.

40. History.

41. Power.
"Don't lie, the first thing you'd do with a Green Lantern Ring would be something impossibly dirty--I'm pretty sure that's what everybody'd do, though, so don't feel too bad."

42. Bother.
He won't say it to his face, but when he says Dick is being an annoyance, Robert's never telling the truth.

43. God.
They don't talk much, but some nights, he swears he can hear Him through the still silence.

44. Wall.
In November of 1989, he was a wide-eyed 9-year-old--not nearly old enough to understand what was going on an ocean away.

45. Naked.

Skin on skin, fingers laced together, motion and the sound of breathing, the smell of sweat, lube, cum--yeah, he was one of those college boys.

46. Drive.

He doesn't listen to music in the car because he has his own: the sound of the engine humming, the wheels turning, the wind whispering against the windowpanes.

47. Harm.

"I don't know who the hell you think you are, but this gun is pointed at your forehead: if you don't step away from my friend I swear to God I will pull this trigger."

48. Precious.

Stay here, stay here with me, Robert whispers into his ear, holding tightly, loving dearly, praying fervently, because I can't imagine a world without you in it any more than I can leap buildings in a single bound.

49. Hunger.

All food tastes better at 3 AM, he tells himself, grabbing an amorphous plate of leftovers and returning to the fading blue glow of his laptop screen.

50. Believe.

And all the doubts, the fears, the misgivings: they fade with the scars and are washed away, into the stormdrains, by rain... he believes, Robert Anderson believes, that this time he can help, and that this time he can be a hero, grounded, without a mask.
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